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Over 20 years of experience in Public Affairs.

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Who We Are


Impetus is a boutique consulting firm specialized in public affairs based in Rio de Janeiro with regional, national and international operations.

Our multidisciplinary team and complementary network in Latin America, Brussels, Paris, Washington and Beijing are highly qualified proffisionals with previous public and private leadership roles.

We offer taylor made insights and solutions to help you manage your business in complex political and institutional environments always complying with high ethical standars and the law.

Our sustainable development team is also ready to assist you in the development and execution of ESG strategies that truly creates shared value.


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Over 20 years of experience in public affairs, fully familiarized with the Brazilian Institutional and Governmental intricacies.


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Government & Institutional Relations

Legislative Monitoring

Political Forescating

Scenario building

Stakeholders Mapping

Due Diligence of Political-Institutional risk

Post-M&A Institutional Integration



Technical Reports

Representation at Public Hearings

Stakeholder Engagement Plan


Crisis Mitigation

Market Access

Shaping better Regulatory Environments

Direct and Indirect Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Relevant Associations and Trade Unions Mobilization

Diplomatic Network and Policy Makers Mobilization


Public Funding

Grants & Subsidies

Intermediation with Private Financial Institutions

Socioeconomic impact analysis

Public bidding process monitoring


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